Soms komen er al eens uitdagingen op je pad. Helene kende me al een tijdje en wist dat ik stem- en presentatiecoach ben. Toen ze met onderstaande vraag naar me toe kwam, twijfelde ik even. Ik ben namelijk geen zangcoach. Maar ze zocht iemand die haar kon helpen met podiumvrees en de spanningen in haar stem en lichaam tijdens haar performance.

Heel blij dat ik haar hierbij heb kunnen helpen.

And they lived happily ever after...


"When I was asked to play the piano and sing at my cousin's wedding, I happily said "yes". Until, a couple of weeks before the wedding, I started getting cold feet! At pretty much the last minute, I desperately turned to Stefanie for help. And even though she modestly warned me singing wasn't her field of expertise, she did an amazing job! Stefanie is so passionate and driven that you can't help but be carried along on her tide of enthusiasm and before you know it, she has brought out the best in you! I was impressed by her technical knowledge, which she relied on to give me very hands-on and efficient exercises. Also, her capacity to make you feel at ease and give you tips to help your pre-performance jitters evaporate into thin air are golden! And my performance at the wedding? It sounded better than I ever thought I could have made it sound and left the wedding guests in tears. Thank you, Stefanie - without you, I could have never done this!"


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